Certified FAA Repair Station MN5R047N
EASA 145.5432 Accepted Organization


Located in Tecumseh, Michigan, strategically centered between the metropolitan areas of Detroit Michigan and Toledo, Ohio, NASI continues to create innovative, engineered solutions utilized around the world.

Specializing in the design, engineering and manufacture of structural and environmental aircraft systems, NASI offers FAA approved systems that deliver exceptional value to our customers.

An example of our innovative structural engineering can be found in our “National Security Door” design. Our patented bullet resistant venting is thru worlds thinnest and lightest of it’s kind. This technology significantly simplified traditional design and contributed to lower life cycle costs for our customers. To achieve the very best, NASI established its own ballistic test cell, secured government approvals and engineered a cost effective winning design.

NASI solves temperature control problems with multiple options for our customers. Aircraft operators approached NASI to design a system that would quickly and cost effectively heat or cool specific aircraft zones. In 1994 NASI designed electric vapor cycle systems that are now installed in hundreds of transport category aircraft around the world. These systems have proven cost effective and improve operations of equipment and personnel by quickly attaining temperatures required for optimum operational conditions.

Temperature control or creating safety improvements for structural integrity,  NASI can provide the solution. 



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