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EASA 145.5432 Accepted Organization


    Internal temperature control remains an issue in transport category, VIP and special operations aircraft. Temperature control for the cockpit and the aircraft electronics has been of particular interest to our customers. For example, two crucial systems, inertial navigation (INS) and global positioning (GPS), are sensitive to high temperatures and will not activate in extreme temperature environments. The on-board Air Cycle Machine (ACM) technology requires APU (jet engine power). This is expensive and harmful to the environment for ACM and APU operations just to cool an aircraft cockpit on the ground. Preflight checks, are generally performed with Ground Power connected, electric supplemental Air Conditioning eliminates most APU requirements. NASI technology has demonstrated that crew comfort can be achieved at substantially lower cost than those associated with operating an APU. NASI systems can provide direct cooling for your crew.

NASI Engineers have delivered hundreds of air conditioning, heating and cooling solutions for transport category aircraft. Designed with significant technological improvements, the NTEC Systems deliver superior reliability and performance for a cool return on investment. Operators can see this return in comfort and savings.

NASI also offers custom arrangements of NTEC Aircraft Air Conditioning Systems. NASI works where noise and air pollution regulations prohibit use of APU.

Many areas prohibit use of APU operation before departure. NTEC Supplemental Electric Systems are the cool solution.



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