Certified FAA Repair Station MN5R047N
EASA 145.5432 Accepted Organization


Quotes from Customer Reference Letters:

“They have established a ten (10) year track record for delivering a variety of superior environmental control system and structural system solutions for our fleet of aircraft”

“NASI and their personnel have demonstrated excellence in service and support for the systems we acquired. The technical department at NASI has gone beyond the expected to resolve both installation and operational concerns in an expeditious manner”

“NASI has demonstrated their ability to deliver quality Structural and ECS products with superior support for those products. Their capacity to deliver simple or complex integrated systems on time is exemplary and we can confidently recommend NASI as a quality supplier of engineered products and support”

“The genius of the NASI system is in the simplicity of design and operability”

“Mr. Plattner and the staff at NASI have provided superior products and prompt support for their systems incorporated into our A300/310 and B727 fleets.”



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