Certified FAA Repair Station MN5R047N
EASA 145.5432 Accepted Organization


The NASI Automatic And Manual Cargo Door/Vent Door Systems are designed to deliver and unparalleled margin of safety over conventional systems. NASI locking and warning systems work toward the reduction of incidents attributable to human error by preventing significant pressurization of the aircraft when the cargo door is not properly closed and locked. This safety system is unrivaled proven to maintain Cargo Door System safety.

    The torque tube blocking mechanism and lock pin gang bar switch striker both perform as a secondary locking mechanism for the cargo door. The blocking mechanism and switch striker physically restrain the cargo door torque tube and lock pin gang bar in the locked position when the Vent Door is closed. The Vent Door Warning System provides position indication lights (Open, In Transit, and Closed) located at the control panel forward of the cabin entry door.  The flight crew officer tests the warning lights by pressing a button next to the Cargo Door A&B Warning System Lights, providing cockpit confirmation that the cargo door is properly closed and secured.

    The NASI Manual and Automatic Vent Doors deliver an "Alternate Means of Compliance", or "AMOC", with Airworthiness Directives 89-11-02R1 (i.e, with DC9 aircraft). We have several systems for DC-8 and B-727 configurations available.



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